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Have you been to Come Lord Jesus at Wynhoven?

May 22, 2019 | Posted in Wynhoven Healthcare Center

At Notre Dame Health System, our leaders emphasize the importance of faith in many of the activities we offer to our residents and patients. New in 2019, we began offering Come Lord Jesus prayer sessions. The basic mission of Come Lord Jesus is the transformation of each member into the image of Jesus by the process of formation that includes prayer, scripture, eucharist and the Christian community.

Wynhoven’s Director of Pastoral Care, Deacon Dan Reynolds, and Come Lord Jesus Area Coordinator Ginny Dufrene created a customized version of the Come Lord Jesus program specifically for seniors. The special program captures the spirituality of Come Lord Jesus in a time frame that benefits older residents and patients.

Each session opens with song and prayer, and all members participate. Karen, a participant since the beginning, used her time to thank the group, saying, “I am thankful for Wynhoven for giving us a place to live and come together to learn the Gospel.”

Wynhoven is the first assisted living community to offer such an interactive Bible study. Come Lord Jesus allows anyone who is interested, regardless of his/her faith, to discuss the scripture for the upcoming week with his/her friends. It provides a sense of community and belonging where residents and patients can discuss not only the Gospel but also their experiences.

Ginny remarked, “We all have different backgrounds and experiences. To hear all the people in the study give their views about a topic really opened my eyes.”

Normally 12 steps, Come Lord Jesus at Wynhoven is a six-step group session that includes song, prayer, scripture reading and discussion, faith witnessed, “Our Father” prayer and the concluding acclamation. While this type of Bible study is beneficial for everyone, it is especially helpful for those living in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Those who have been separated from their families, lost their loved ones or whose health has deteriorated need the support system that Come Lord Jesus provides.

“When people ask, ‘Why start Come Lord Jesus in a nursing home?’ the answer is simple: They need this. We all do… The best way to say it is that it’s turned me around,” Ginny concluded.

To inspire readers, here is the Come Lord Jesus prayer:

Come, Lord Jesus! Come in Grace and Glory!

Raise up many small faith communities in your Church!

Lavish your life-giving Spirit upon us!

Set up on fire with love for you and for one another!

We want to become one, as you and the Father and the Holy Spirit are one.

Mary, our Mother, intercede for us. Amen.

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