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Skilled Nursing & Rehab

Rehabilitation experts

Our Skilled Nursing & Rehab services cover your healthcare needs at our three communities: Chateau de Notre Dame, Our Lady of Wisdom and Wynhoven. We proudly offer support to those facing chronic or critical medical conditions, those who need daily living assistance and those looking to bounce back from a short-term injury. We employ a variety of licensed healthcare professionals that are trained to address all your skilled nursing and rehabilitation needs. Our therapy facilities are outfitted with the latest instruments and tools needed for effective and balanced rehabilitation. We want your loved one to recover and return to the life they live with the people they love in a complete and timely manner.

Passionate and Attentive Care

Recovery, rehabilitation and long-term nursing care do not need to come with added stress and anxiety. Notre Dame’s faith-based services ensure your loved one is passionately and attentively cared for by certified nurses and therapists, day-in and day- out. Whether you are looking for long-term assistance including around-the-clock health and wellness care or short-term assistance for restorative needs, we can accommodate your family’s needs.

Skilled Nursing & Rehab Available At:

Chateau de Notre Dame

Our Lady of Wisdom

Wynhoven Healthcare Center