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Volunteer with Us!

Our volunteers greatly enhance the quality of our patients’ lives. As a member of the Notre Dame Health System volunteer family, you will embark on an unforgettable journey of compassion, inspiration and profound friendship.

Volunteering takes no advanced medical training or significant time commitment. It can be as simple as reading to or spending time with a patient a few hours a week, or assisting with errands to help a tired family member cope with the many challenges they are currently facing.

We know Notre Dame Health System volunteers have a variety of skills and passions, so we will customize your volunteer journey to best suit your location, time constraints and unique interests. We will also thoroughly train you and support you in your volunteer role.

Available Volunteer Opportunities

Notre Dame Hospice

To volunteer with Notre Dame Hospice, please complete this form and send it to Melissa Meyers at and Janine Bonner at

Our Lady of Wisdom

The Our Lady of Wisdom Gift Shop is a prominent part of the Wisdom community, and it depends on the support of volunteer staffing to operate. If you would like to assist in managing the Gift Shop, please contact Sr. Kateri Battaglia at 504-453-0618.

The Activities Department at Our Lady of Wisdom welcomes students who want to assist with social activities and need service hours. Please contact Angela Paz at 504-304-5443 for more information.