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What is Notre Dame Health System?

Notre Dame Health System is a collaboration of faith-based living communities and hospice services in the Gulf South that devotes itself to preserving the sacredness and dignity of life.

A ministry of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, Notre Dame Health System continues Jesus’ mission of love and healing by providing accessible care in communities that empower and nurture patients, residents and their families.

Continuum of care

Steeped in rich Catholic-based tradition, Notre Dame Health System provides healthcare services including home care, independent care, assisted living, rehabilitation, memory care, home health and hospice care. Our services are carefully tailored to promote the health of individuals navigating the course of life’s journey, offering both home care and residential communities across the region.

We strive to effectively and faithfully serve you and your family by providing robust and cost-effective options in times of need. As a regional leader in healthcare services, Notre Dame Health System eliminates the frustrating inconvenience of juggling multiple providers by offering a continuum of care.

Experts at Every Step

We pride ourselves on employing the most talented and dedicated teams of healthcare professionals, administrative personnel, volunteers and support staff in the area. At the heart of Notre Dame Health System is the relentless desire to embody the unconditional love of Christ through a range of cutting-edge health services and personal support.