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Why Mass is Important at Our Lady of Wisdom and Notre Dame Health System

May 22, 2019 | Posted in Our Lady of Wisdom

One of the refrains we hear most often is that faith-based care is more important for seniors and their families than they expected. For many, assisted living and nursing homes can seem cold and unwelcoming, so the feeling of warmth and community that we provide through our spiritual services is unique and heaven-sent to many families.

At Our Lady of Wisdom, we offer  Mass every week, and we encourage all of our residents, patients and families to attend to make the most of our faith-based environment. As the Director of Pastoral Care, Catherin Riggs, says, “Everyone living in a nursing home is already a Saint,” so we strive to provide a community that honors older people and accommodates their spiritual needs.

This April, we were fortunate to have the Archbishop of New Orleans, Gregory Michael Aymond, celebrate  Mass for our residents and their families. According to Sister Katari, who’s well-known at Our Lady of Wisdom for all the help she offers residents, “It was a privilege to have the Archbishop as celebrant…. He made our service a joyous occasion…. It was a gift for all of us here.”

Sister Owen, a resident and Marianite, remarked that her favorite part of the Archbishop’s visit was the homily. As with all Masses at Our Lady of Wisdom, the Archbishop’s mission was to uplift his congregation and to provide an outlet for religious experience. Throughout Notre Dame Health System, half of the residents and patients are Catholic and half follow God through other religious paths. Regardless of your religious affiliation, the goal of Mass is to provide comfort, community and spirituality to all.

Each week’s Mass begins by remembering the “Saints of Wisdom,” those residents and patients who have passed away. Then the priests read from the scripture and Gospel, offer a homily and offer the sacrament of holy communion, adjusting to accommodate residents that remain seated. Throughout each reading and prayer, the members of the clergy tie in the importance of the elderly, health and family, tailoring the service so that it’s relevant for the residents of Our Lady of Wisdom.

One resident, John Monahan, has participated in  Mass every week since arriving. When asked why, he replied simply, “That’s what it’s all about: the Eucharist.”

At Notre Dame Health System, that’s what we’re all about: creating a faith-based community for our residents, patients and their families, so they can find what they’re looking for in God and in us.

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